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  • £25,000 minimum investment needed
  • Investment Grade Fine Wine
  • VAT & Import Duty Exempt
  • Fully Bonded Portfolios
  • Capital Gains Tax Free

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Fine and Rare Wines - Buy or Invest with Specialist Merchants!

Fine Wine Investments

Build a portfolio of rare wines for investment

A fine wine portfolio has the potential to be quite literally one of the most enjoyable investments you will ever make! Of course, most investors purchase wine to hold for a period of time, before releasing it for sale at the optimum moment to achieve maximum value. With rising wealth and increasing demand for wine in highly populous countries around the world, there is quite simply less fine wine to go around, downward pressure on availability that is underpinning a strong annual growth in fine wine prices.

Buy Fine Wine as an Investment

When you buy fine wine as an investment, you benefit from zero capital gains if that fine wine is deemed to be a wasting asset. Fine wine is also free from VAT and import duty. It is widely considered to be a relatively low risk asset, yet has consistently outperformed the stock markets. Fine wine investments have a maturity date, after which you should be looking to liquidate the investment for consumption!

Get the best prices from specialist UK merchants

Once you have made the decision to invest in fine wine, the next step is to find a specialist fine wines broker. They will then be able to understand your unique position and advise on which wines will suit your budget and timelines. The best brokers will offer to sell your portfolio on for free, will have a strong track record and will be able to demonstrate their performance with quantifiable metrics.

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